“Whether styles are mixed, whether objects of all eras are put side by side. whether a pop art painting is hanging on 18th century woodwork. all of it is insignificant. What counts, is to find between colors, materials, objects and shapes, a harmony that could create a relaxing and joyful, pleasant and refined atmosphere that suits today’s lifestyle. ”

This atmosphere and the sense of detail and unique, are WSA’s particularity.

Our team is composed of Walid Sfeir founder of WSA, and his sister Gina. Together they form the core of this association, supported by a highly qualified team of architects and designers.
Interior designer Walid sfeir started his career in Lebanon then moved to London where he Worked on large residential and hotel projects.

He returned to Lebanon in 1995 where he opened his own interior design agency, WSA. It soon developed its reputation through a wide range of projects in Lebanon and abroad: from private residential interiors such as villas & apartments, to public and
commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, showrooms…

His sister Gina joined him in 2006. Her interior design career had started in Paris where she acquired, in addition to her work, a thorough knowledge of antiques and textile.

The spirit of the company is the creation of a one-of-a-kind concept. The challenge of WSA’s team is to produce a unique harmony: fusion between cultures and civilizations, bridges between time and space, unprecedented associations between
materials, and unexpected alliances between artisans.

All created spaces are custom-made. Every single element of the décor is tailored to fit a particular space, according to our client’s requests and views, revised and refined through the vision of Walid Sfeir & Associates.
In order to attain our vision, we give meticulous care to detail and material. This sometimes requires that we cross our geographical borders to find the exact product. And finally, we grace the décor with specially chosen items and beautiful artwork.

” Walid Sfeir was able to free himself from interior design’s code of good practice, venturing into hazardous paths, but oh so inspiring, of creation.” (Jean Pierre Gueirard for “Byzancey” magazine)

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